English is the thing people most often ask for help with. Language is an important first step to feeling like you are part of the local community and that you can look after yourself, and your family, within that community. We believe that friendly and accessible opportunities to learn and practise English help people to feel more confident and to live independently here in London.

At CARAS, we offer a range of friendly and accessible English classes for women, men and young people. This term, our ESOL teachers have been tapping into young people’s social media skills, inspiring them to use social media as a way to communicate their ideas in English and improve their language.


During one of our classes we asked our students to share with us memories of their favourite time at CARAS. Thank you, Eyob, Natsnet and Senait for sharing these with us:


My favourite time at CARAS was last year in May. I went to London zoo and it was a lovely day. My friends were with me and some of the teachers. We had a cool day, we saw animals! The good thing about it was that it was my first time to see the animals. It was a special day for me because I met new people there.


Eyob, 18


My favourite time at CARAS was the trip we did outside London when we visited a small village in Norfolk.  We had an amazing and brilliant time. The place had a beautiful garden and gigantic nice parks.

In the morning, we made breakfast together like a family. Everyone was feeling happy and ate together as well. After the food, we went to the park to play volleyball and different activities.

Every night we made a campfire and had fun with each other, it was a fantastic time.


Natsnet, 17


My favourite time at CARAS was last summer. We went on a trip. There was a lot of people, we cooked, played games and chatted. We were happy, it was a really good day and we cooked Eritrean food and other types of food. We went to a very old church and an old school. There were a lot of animals, I was feeding the horses, then later we sat around a fire.

Senait, 18