Coronavirus Update – 03


We are very happy to have more and more opportunities to meet with people. We have a number of face to face activities happening outdoors every week- gardening has been a refuge for two groups, and we have young people enjoying a range of possibilities including cycling, running, football. We have piloted the safe running of classes indoors and are adapting our plans to be able to develop this further. We have also been able to plan a fantastic outdoor gathering in thanks and celebration of our volunteers- very much needed after our long year apart.

Alongside all of this, we are extremely proud of our robust, engaging, and wide-ranging offer of online sessions. These cover individual guidance and advice, English classes, social groups, creative writing, and workshops.

We will be taking the opportunity to learn from the last year and make careful choices about which activities are best suited to each mode of delivery, aiming for the best of all worlds.

We look forward to seeing more and more of you, face to face or online, wherever we can meet.


Thank you for reading and for your continued support.