CARAS and Afghanistan


Many of you have been in touch to share your concern about the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan, and have asked what else we can do together.

Some of you will be thinking of individuals from Afghanistan who you have got to know well through your volunteering, and some of you have your own family connections there. All of us at CARAS stand together and will take care of each other at this shocking moment in our shared history.

Staff are in touch with the more than 100 adults and children from Afghanistan who are currently engaged with CARAS services. We are of course expressing our concern for them, and asking what else they need. We are sharing information about support groups, petitions and protests.

Our work is designed through trauma-informed principles and is guided by our values. We will continue to welcome and support people, giving extra time and kindness to those who need it right now. ​We have a long history of welcoming newly arrived people, and will be ready to do this as people arrive in our local area from Afghanistan. We know that you will be behind us as we do this work.