CARAS and Afghanistan – 3


Can you start a monthly donation to welcome Afghan refugees?


CARAS staff have been heavily involved in networks supporting resettled Afghans in London. As yet, the majority are accommodated in ‘bridging hotels’ – temporary accommodation until longer-term housing can be offered. Support needs are high: many people arrived with nothing, and have needed essential supplies such as warm clothes and shoes. Fantastic grassroots organisations have stepped into collecting to meet this need- we are extremely grateful for the likes of Care4Calais and Just Shelter.

Our own work has included collaborating with voluntary sector organisations and Wandsworth Council to plan for the welcome of families who will be living in the borough. Together, we will be able to offer ESOL and digital skills classes, employability support, activities for children and young people, educational guidance, and a welcoming community that offers safety, friendship and kindness to help people recover from their trauma. Many people have asked us what they can do to help.


Here are some ideas:

– Volunteer with a local organisation that works with refugees and people seeking asylum.
– Donate essential items to distributing organisations.
– Talk to your MP and make sure they know your view on safety, support and welcome for refugees and asylum seekers.



become a monthly supporter of our work.

You can also set up a standing order through your bank (this actually results in us receiving a little more of your donation).

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With love and solidarity,
Eleanor (CARAS Managing Director)
Pete (CARAS Director of Operations)