We held a fantastic AGM, welcoming 40 people to celebrate our past year. Thanks go to the whole of the CARAS community- group members, volunteers, trustees, donors and supporters, staff, and partner organisations.
Together, we are unstoppable!


Migrant Connections Festival

We had a fun Saturday attending Migrant Connections Festival, where we joined Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees to spread the word about our work and speak to locals about how they can help.

Thanks to everyone who visited us.


Together With Refugees Rally

We were incredibly proud to join a large crowd of people last month, all speaking with one voice as we ask for the Nationality and Borders Bill to be scrapped.
‘Say it loud and say it clear: refugees are welcome here!’.


London Youth Quality Mark

We are delighted to get a further 3-year extension of the London Youth Gold Quality Mark for CARAS youth services.
A great testimony of the hard work of the CARAS team: young people, volunteers, and the staff team!


CARAS Women’s Group

CARAS’s Women’s Group has been enjoying the final few days of summer and is busy harvesting all the vegetables they have grown.

‘I like to meet different people and to know each other cultures .and I know many new plants that I have never seen before and I learned different types of garden tools in English’. 😘

– CARAS community member.

A big congratulations to CARAS Women’s Drama Group who made a wonderful video to celebrate their last term.
Despite lockdown, we’ve shared friendship, joy, and laughter in our weekly sessions which are delivered by Rachael Black and the Attic Theatre Company.


Making a monthly donation to CARAS

The best way to support our work is to sign up for a monthly donation, of any size.

Donations can be made by setting up a recurring bank transfer or via Virgin Giving.

Please contact us for our bank details:

Thank you!


CARAS and Afghanistan

CARAS staff have been heavily involved in networks supporting resettled Afghans in London. As yet, the majority are accommodated in ‘bridging hotels’ – temporary accommodation until longer-term housing can be offered. Support needs are high: many people arrived with nothing, and have needed essential supplies such as warm clothes and shoes. Fantastic grassroots organisations have stepped into collecting to meeting this need- we are extremely grateful for the likes of Care4Calais and Just Shelter.

Our own work has included collaborating with voluntary sector organisations and Wandsworth Council to plan for the welcome of families who will be living in the borough. Together, we will be able to offer ESOL and digital skills classes, employability support, activities for children and young people, educational guidance, and a welcoming community that offers safety, friendship and kindness to help people recover from their trauma. Many people have asked us what they can do to help.


Here are some ideas:

– Volunteer with a local organisation that works with refugees and people seeking asylum.
– Donate essential items to distributing organisations.
– Talk to your MP and make sure they know your view on safety, support and welcome for refugees and asylum seekers.


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