New Arrivals in South London

Extreme isolation, low English language levels and trauma are exceptionally common amongst refugees in South London, and individuals struggle to access support when they need it most.

Facts & Figures


New Arrivals

Arrival in the UK poses a moment of crisis for new arrivals; adults and families are placed in hotels for up to two years whilst they await the outcome of their asylum application. They live off £9 per week, rending social activities, social integration and education classes inaccessible.

Unaccompanied Minors

Unaccompanied minors arrive with no support networks and must navigate both the asylum system and their transition to adulthood alone. They face delays of up to 9 months when joining mainstream education, creating vast educational disparities.

Facts & Figures

One Year

is the average wait time for English classes.

Over 40%

of asylum seekers don’t have access to legal support.

Casework Support

is not offered by the Home Office in hotels.

37.4 Months

Young people with a refugee background are, on average, 37.4 months behind other children across all subjects at GCSE level.


Even after gaining asylum, refugee families are disproportionately affected by poverty.

It is being very difficult for my family and me to get used to a new life, with a new culture and a language different from ours, but thanks to CARAS, the uncertainty and the wait to have control over our future is becoming more bearable and fills us with hope.

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