What’s happening in May at CARAS?

Now feels like a good time to take stock of all the opportunities that have come our way in the first quarter of the year (but, really, how can we already be in May?!).   We have been incredibly fortunate to receive a lot of goodwill and some much appreciated cold, hard cash in recent […]

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The Chickpea Sisters are independent!

The Chickpea Sisters are independent!   The Chickpea Sisters have built a name for themselves as a catering organisation with a difference. They have become well known for producing delicious food from around the world, and we have lost track of the number of people who phone to tell us how good they are, and […]

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Autumn Updates

  It’s been a busy term for us here at CARAS. Find out what our projects have been up to, all of our latest funding updates and recent changes to our staff team below.   The Women’s Drop-in is up and running for another year! It is a huge relief that, after a period of uncertainty around lack of funding, […]

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Refugees and asylum seekers in the news in 2015

By Hugh Mcdonnell  Both here in the UK and internationally, 2015 has been a turbulent year with regard to migration issues. As such, we thought it worthwhile to reflect on some of the year’s events and developments in media coverage, government policy, and challenges to the status quo as it impacts on refugees and asylum seekers. […]

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