My favourite time at CARAS…

English is the thing people most often ask for help with. Language is an important first step to feeling like you are part of the local community and that you can look after yourself, and your family, within that community. We believe that friendly and accessible opportunities to learn and practise English help people to […]

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Autumn Updates

  It’s been a busy term for us here at CARAS. Find out what our projects have been up to, all of our latest funding updates and recent changes to our staff team below.   The Women’s Drop-in is up and running for another year! It is a huge relief that, after a period of uncertainty around lack of funding, […]

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Learning Through Food: Healthy Eating Workshops

  Every Thursday afternoon, our offices here at CARAS are filled with the wonderful smells of our healthy eating workshops.   Run by Tom Waterfall, these workshops offer a space for young people to learn and improve some vital cooking skills. The idea is to learn about the importance of eating well, to familiarise themselves with the ingredients […]

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A collection of images featuring some of the Chickpea Sisters and their work.

Chickpea Sisters: Making change through food

Chickpea Sisters: Making change through food   Now a successful catering company who are working on releasing their first cookbook, the Chickpea Sisters evolved from a CARAS run weekly cooking class for refugee and migrant women. Socially isolated women who were new to the country met once a week to share recipes from around the world, then […]

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