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People who have sought refuge in the UK are welcomed, valued and supported within a community in which they can flourish.

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To work together with young people, families and adults of refugee background to provide practical, educational and social help. We create supportive relationships, networks and well informed services that enable people to access what they need in order to increase their wellbeing and safety.


Aim 1


To provide high quality information and advocacy services, tailored to the specific needs of refugees and asylum seekers, to ensure people understand and can access their rights and entitlements.

Aim 2


To offer a range of learning opportunities and environments which build people’s confidence, knowledge, skills and personal autonomy.

Aim 3


To provide spaces, activities and opportunities that facilitate the development of supportive relationships, communities and networks, and contribute to improved wellbeing.

Aim 4


To participate in networks, awareness raising and advocacy initiatives which aims to make policy, practice and attitudes more refugee friendly.

Aim 5


To strengthen our organisation.