CARAS Adult Programmes


The CARAS community offers a range of activities and groups for men and women with a refugee background living in South London. Whether people attend our advice sessions or social activities, individuals will be welcomed into a friendly environment where they can practice their English, learn new skills, and be supported with all of the challenges they face in their new lives here.

Each group plays an important role in building confidence, sharing experiences and advice, developing friendships and support networks, and creating a community.

Groups are dynamic, needs responsive, and guided by those who attend.

Being a member of our groups has increased people’s confidence, helped them get support and access the services they need, and has been the beginning of building strong and lasting friendships. Beneficiaries, staff and volunteers are all able to spend time together as part of the CARAS community.

Our activities prioritise those who are most likely to have difficulty accessing services; we work extensively with newly arrived asylum seekers and women with a forced migration background.


CARAS runs drama workshops for female-identifying persons of refugee background living in Wandsworth every Tuesday afternoon (excluding school holiday time), in partnership with Attic Theatre Company. Here women are able to make new friends, and gain confidence and skills through drama and role-play.

Tuesday afternoons


In partnership with Merton Uplift and Talk Wandsworth, we provide wellbeing workshops to Arabic and English speaking men with a refugee background, helping individuals build connections, resilience and assertiveness, and providing them with the tools they need to set and achieve goals.

Arabic and English speaking men


We gather together every Thursday to spend time together, meet new people and build confidence in English.


CARAS Adult Calendar