Adult Services

Over the last four years CARAS’s adult program has grown significantly to meet the scaling needs of new arrival adults who are living in hotel accommodation for up to two years.


Adult Programmes

Each year we work with over 300 adults, providing meaningful opportunities for them to integrate into their local communities, stay fit and active, grow their skills and prepare for their futures.

Social & Wellbeing


1:1 Casework

Social & Wellbeing

Coffee Afternoon

We welcome over 80 new-arrivals to our Coffee Afternoon each week, which is run in partnership with Tara Theatre. The group provides a safe and accessible space for individuals to make friends, practice their English and take part in a variety of creative activities.

Sports Activities

We run a dedicated sport provision to bridge the barriers new-arrivals face when trying to stay fit an active. We run a women’s yoga group in partnership with More Yoga, and run bi-weekly trips to sport activities chosen by community members including aerobics and boxing.


Throughout the year we run trips to diverse locations across London chosen by community members, allowing individuals the opportunity to explore London and connect with their local communities. Most recently we have run tips to museums, the theatre and Kew Gardens.



We run a variety of ESOL programs supporting individuals in the early stages of ESOL learning. We run a weekly literacy program alongside ESOL classes delivered at multiple levels to build confidence and knowledge across all aspects of English Language. We also provide learners with the opportunity to sign up for ESB exams. All classes are participatory, with the curriculum co-created with learners.

Digital Skills

We run a weekly computer class focused on building foundation digital skills, supporting individuals to confidently use computers and mobile devices. All classes are participatory, with the curriculum co-created with learners.

Employability Programme

Throughout the year we run a variety of workshops and trips to business to support individuals to build their skills and inspire them to imagine and plan for their futures. In tandem, we run a week-long employability intensive for adults each February focusing on diverse employability topics including workshops on employability related ESOL, employment rights and interview skills. We also support individuals to apply for a range of volunteering opportunities, providing individuals with work experience to support their future aspirations.

1:1 Casework

Alongside all of our programming our casework team provides 1:1 empowerment support for adults, working in partnership with them to ensure they understand the system they are navigating, can access services and are empowered to advocate for themselves. Our experienced casework team are embedded throughout our work, ensuring that individuals have access to support when they need it and that problems are identified early, mitigating the risk of future crisis.

Unfortunately, due to limited capacity we do not accept casework referrals from external organisations or individuals.

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