Campaigns & Advocacy

CARAS works in partnership with a range of organisations to ensure individuals with lived experience have voice and agency in policy dialogue and decision-making processes that affect them.


In tandem, we are committed to working alongside others in the sector to share best practice, learning and developing together. We will gladly contribute to research, support community members to share their lived experiences, and share our models of work with anyone who needs it.

Networks & Advocacy

Imparting Positive Change

Meeting Policy-Makers

Networks & Advocacy

CARAS is a proud member of a wide range of networks and forums. We hold membership at the Migrant and Refugee Advisory Panel (MRAP) to the GLA, the RMCC, CYRN and Wandsworth Migration Forum. In addition, we coordinate the ESOL Knowledge Exchange Network that shares best practice in Trauma Informed Participatory Education.

Supporting Local Authorities to Impart Positive Change

Over the last two years we have worked extensively with Wandsworth Council providing advice and guidance as they become a Borough of Sanctuary.

Supporting Community Members to Meet Policy-Makers

Over the last year we supported over 50 community members to meet with policy makers, allowing them to advocate for system change themselves.

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