The Chickpea Sisters are independent!


The Chickpea Sisters have built a name for themselves as a catering organisation with a difference. They have become well known for producing delicious food from around the world, and we have lost track of the number of people who phone to tell us how good they are, and to enquire about bookings. They’ve featured on Al Jazeera, been the subject of articles in the Independent, The South West Londoner, and Worldwide Women, and fed thousands of people at events ranging from supper clubs for five to conferences for hundreds.  Ngone’s chocolate cake, Mizu’s Congolese stew, Rama’s alicha wat, and platefuls of falafel, humous and stuffed breads all making us misty eyed with longing in the office.

They have collaborated with each other, working across languages and cultures, to work towards a shared goal. They have now become independent from CARAS, setting up as a viable business on their own. We are proud of all that they have achieved, and look forward to following their progress. Good luck, Sisters!

You can continue to contact them via and their Facebook page.