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CARAS currently runs a wide range of activities for both young people and adults to support holistic wellbeing and help individuals build firm foundations in the UK.

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Our adult program welcomes individuals 18 and over, whilst our youth program work with individuals 14-19, and care leavers aged 18-25. Referrers are free to choose the service they think most applicable for care leavers and individuals aged 18-19. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Whilst we offer a discrete casework provision to both young people and adults, unfortunately owing to our limited capacity we are only able to offer casework support to individuals engaged in our social and learning activities. We will not be able to pick up referrals for casework support only.

1.  Anyone who is in the asylum system.
2.  Anyone who has been granted refugee status.
3.  Children who are joining their parents on refugee family reunion visas.
4.  Refused asylum seekers and appeal rights exhausted (are) cases.

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